What are some ugly truths of living in New York City?

Been here for some time and I have always been in love with this city since I was a kid. Always thought it is the best city in the world. Came here, it is still the best city in the world (For me, for now at least)

1] City is expensive AF. I really see no point living in Manhattan inside a small cramped room for 2-4k$ whereas I can easily live in NJ (Hoboken/Jersey City) for half the price or even Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens etc. Again, it is a tradeoff for commuting.

2] The food is overhyped and overpriced. Best pizza in the world? 4-5$ for once slice of it? No thanks.

3] The city is LOUD. Car honking, people yelling and abusing on streets for no reason.

4] Traffic. Did I say traffic?

5] Some people are really rude. Feel like punching them in the face time to time.

6] Never ending construction everywhere. I mean what are they even building? This makes it hard to travel and commute.

7] Buses are barely on time.

8] High AF Taxes. (Not sure how and where the money is going/invested)

9] You might earn a lot but you will also lose a lot. Food/Rent/Taxes etc

10] Not the greatest weather on the planet. Changes just as fast as people change partners over here.

All and all a great city though :slight_smile: