Top Under-rated things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco welcomes a lot of tourists every year. The most visited places are famous worldwide and are always crowded with people. If you’ve visited all the tourist attractions in the city and are wondering what to do with the time left, then head to these places mentioned below. These are under-rated yet so great to explore, they are cheap and not crowded so you can end our trip in a fun, unique, and relaxing way.

City Hall

Yes! You can visit the City Hall during Business hours from Monday to Friday. It is even more mesmerizing than it is from the outside. The early 1900s built building has a royal essence to it with all the marble, design, and ceilings.

Botanical Garden

These are always under-rated in most metropolitan cities when they shouldn’t be. The Botanical Garden in San Francisco is a 55-acre land with beautiful plants all around that change according to the seasons. The locals really are lucky to get to observe the shift every season by visiting it often.

Diego Rivers Frescos

The controversial yet amazingly beautiful pieces of art are on display in the city at three different locations. They are free to visit but note that it is open to the public on different dates and times.

Octagon House

The beautiful house was built in the late 1800s and is now a museum open to the public. You can take a tour around the house and also enjoy the art displays.

Temples in Chinatown

Chinatown is one of the most lively and colorful places in San Francisco to visit. Get to know some interesting things about the beautiful Chinese Culture in the streets, restaurants, shops, and most importantly the temples. The peaceful temples of Chinatown have rare historic artifacts of China and the religion.

16th Avenue Stairs

A local neighborhood project turned out as a beautiful piece of art on the 160+ steps. It is worth it to have a look at the mosaic design on the staircase.

Camera Obscura

It is the oldest camera obscura in the US and is excellent for all photography or history enthusiasts. Even if you’re not it is still fun to see how the devices worked before the cameras were invented.

Enjoy all the above-mentioned activities during your next trip to San Francisco. Plan your adventure now, book cheap flights to San Francisco. Discover adventures in every corner of the city. From the twin peaks to the Aquarium of Bay, exploring the major tourist attractions is worth the time.