The memoir by Steve Jobs' daughter makes clear he was a truly rotten person whose bad behavior was repeatedly enabled by those around him

It’s long been known that Apple cofounder Steve Jobs treated people cruelly, but his daughter’s new autobiography offers new details.

  • It’s been well-established that Apple cofounder Steve Jobs often acted like a jerk.
  • But in a new memoir, Jobs’ eldest daughter recounts the many ways he was cruel to her.
  • The newly revealed anecdotes add color to the many stories of how Jobs was mean or rude to employees and business partners.
  • The net effect is that Jobs looks like a truly terrible person.
  • His rotten behavior was enabled by his wife, his colleagues, and his business partners.
  • It’s hard to say whether his business achievements outweigh his cruelty, but they certainly got more attention during his lifetime — and helped enable his bad behavior.