Sex before Marriage; What’s your opinion

A lot of people feel its unsafe and unreasonable to go ahead and marry a man or woman whose sexual abilities you are yet to explore. Aside from the spiritual point of view of Christians that indicates that the bed should be kept undefiled, I think its safe too… Some people think its risky though, what if your partner turns out to be impotent on the wedding night when you have taken the vows. What do you think about sex before marriage?

Sex b4 marriage, yes. And if you marry, find someone who likes that were sexually active before you married. Sex is a playground for adults, so play on, let go of fear and share. And always ask or share what it is you desire with whoever it is you want to get on with, so that you find out without being a creep if they are into what you share. If they are, FEEDBACK: FUN. If they are not, FEEDBACK: No. Be daring and take a risk, share what ya desire, it could very well be very sexy to them. And if not, then go share it with someone else and maybe they will find it sexy your being truthful about how you want them. Sex it on, because after all, YOLO. Personally, I prefer sexually active women and think promiscuity is a display of the women’s power to make that choice and not wait until marriage. Do you really want to marry someone who only wants to do it missionary positions. Nah, you want a freak,