Reason To Choose NodeJS For Your Taxi Business

The demand for the taxi industry has been increasing day by day providing huge revenues and also changed the lives of millions of people according to their needs. Uber Clone is the most convenient and effective way for entrepreneurs to start their own business like Uber.

Here are the top reasons to choose the taxi business with Uber clone app,

  • Reduces development time
  • Affordable cost
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Modernistic technologies
  • Enhanced user experience

The above reasons are the crucial needs of startups to start their own taxi business with Uber clone.

Before starting your taxi business with Uber clone, it is essential to know about the technology used. It helps reach a wider audience within a short interval of time.

Choosing The Right Technology For Your Taxi Business

With the evolution of numerous technologies, it is difficult to choose the apt technology. But choosing the right technology for your taxi booking app helps increase productivity, increases profit and also gives you a competitive edge in today’s market.

Are you confused about what technology is suitable for your taxi business?

Here comes the perfect technology that will be more suitable for your taxi business is NodeJS. The prime aim of choosing NodeJS is to experience high performance and also rapid development.

To start with, let’s get our hands on a quick introduction about NodeJS,


Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that allows you to run JavaScript code outside of a web browser. It enables you to build server-side applications and execute JavaScript on the server.

Top Brands Using NodeJS

Multiple top brands are using NodeJS for its consistency, ease of code generation, high performance, etc. Hence, have a look at some of the top brands including Uber, Netflix, Paypal, LinkedIn etc.

What Makes Us Choose NodeJS Uber Clone For RebuStar?

Get started to know little about RebuStar,

RebuStar — Uber clone that helps to build your own taxi business with 100% customization, reduces development cost, helps reach the market rapidly and also built with the latest technology NodeJS.

NodeJS is the hottest trend in today’s market. Providing many powerful advantages that make you stand out from the crowd. Let us take a look at some of the prior reasons,

  • Cross-platform native apps
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduces development cost and time
  • Impressive UI interface
  • Elevating performance
  • Quality assurance
  • Rapid development
  • Awesome technical features
  • Good for MVP

Cross-Platform Native Apps

It has the ability to build and deliver an app with a single code base that can be used to run across multiple platforms such as Android and iOS at the same time. It assists to add many new features simultaneously and also reduces development time.

Faster Time To Market

Flutter has its own widget library, code reuse becomes more efficient and effective. The code has been written once and can be reused anywhere. This makes the NodeJS to reach the market quickly within a short interval of time.

Minimizing Development Cost And Time

NodeJS is developed with a single code base that can be used to run across multiple platforms such as Android and iOS at the same time. Hence, it helps reduce development costs and time.

Impressive UI Interface

NodeJS mainly focuses on the end-user experience. Hence it comes with a rich catalog of UI components that make it more flexible and expressive which results in easy personalization and also impressive designs. Hence it provides a better user experience.

Elevating Performance

Complying directly to native code by using Dart as a programming language. Hence, there is no need for bridges between apps and platforms. It performs both ahead of time and just in time for faster performance. It provides endless benefits including speeding up and also improves performance too.

Quality Assurance

In NodeJS, the time taken for both quality assurance and testing is significantly reduced because of using a single code base. Hence, it helps save time that produces quality results on time.

Rapid Development

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O (input/output) model, which means that it can handle multiple requests concurrently without getting blocked by long-running operations. This makes it efficient for handling high volumes of incoming requests and building scalable network applications.

Awesome Technical Features

Node.js is used in a variety of applications, including web servers, API (Application Programming Interface) servers, real-time applications (such as chat apps or collaborative tools), command-line tools, and even desktop applications.

Good For MVP

If you want to build your taxi business as soon as possible with less time and a low budget, then NodeJS is a suitable choice. It helps in saving the development time and as well as cost.

Are You Ready To Build Your Taxi Business With NodeJS?

Node.js provides a powerful platform for building server-side applications using JavaScript, making it a popular choice for developers due to its efficiency, scalability, and extensive library support.

Lets us dive into features of RebuStar,

Features Of RebuStar

Driver Features

Registration — A driver can sign into the Uber clone platform with an easy process that helps eliminate fake users.

Payout method — Option to receive their payment via cash and Stripe payment gateway for the guest.

Multi-Currency and language — Drivers can choose any international currency and language based on their preferences.

Trips — View the details of the trip including upcoming and completed trips.
Driver’s status — A driver has the ability to switch their online and offline status by a toggle.

Push notifications — Get real-time updates of booking details and also tracking the location of the rider making it easier to know better.

Rider Features

Registration — It includes a simple registration process with the Twilio SMS gateway for confirmation.

Diverse vehicle options — RebuStar provides multiple selection options. A rider can select any of the vehicles based on their needs and requirements.

Live tracking — Track and monitor every moment of the driver to know the exact location of the driver.

Multiple payment options — This option helps to pay their entire ride charge via card, cash or wallet.

Fare estimate — It helps the rider to get an appropriate fare for their entire ride depending on their ride distance and mode of the vehicle.

Push notifications — Live rapid updates for the rider regarding their trip details.

Multiple language/ currency option — Provides information and payments in more than one language and currencies for the riders.


I hope now you got the clear cut reasons for using NodeJS for taxi business — Uber clone.

Ideas are everywhere, but executing this idea with the apt solution helps us to reach greater heights. Now it’s your turn, so be ready to start your taxi business with RebuStar.

Our team of experts provides you all the essential information and offers you support at every stage of the business.