Private spy firm Black Cube used LinkedIn to target Hungarian activists and journalists during last year's election in Hungary

  • Black Cube created a network of fake personas and used video conversations with targets off-platform to discredit NGOs.

  • LinkedIn researcher confirmed the involvement of Black Cube and announced the removal of fake accounts and Black Cube’s LinkedIn company page.

  • Black Cube, previously known for its work with Harvey Weinstein, claimed to operate within the law and not in the cyber world.

  • The operation attributed to Black Cube by LinkedIn began in 2020 and targeted at least 12 activists and journalists critical of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

  • Published footage from the hidden camera campaign received wide coverage in pro-government media ahead of Hungary’s April 2022 elections.

  • The campaign’s impact on Orban’s victory is unclear, but it highlights the atmosphere surrounding Hungarian elections.

  • Black Cube did not respond to requests for comment, while LinkedIn did not disclose who the firm may have been working for.