NBA Local TV Rights May Be Up for Grabs After Regular Season

  • The NBA has reached an agreement with bankrupt broadcaster Diamond Sports Group.

  • Diamond will continue to broadcast NBA games for the current 2023-2024 season.

  • After the season, Diamond’s broadcast deals with NBA teams will expire.

  • The NBA’s local TV rights are expected to attract interest from tech giants and media companies.

  • Disney, Apple, Amazon, and YouTube have expressed interest in streaming local NBA games.

  • Diamond’s plan has support from key creditor groups, but alternative transactions are still being explored.

  • The agreement needs approval from a bankruptcy judge and is subject to a cooperation agreement with the NBA.

  • Diamond will also broadcast NHL games throughout the season and most MLB games in 2024.

  • Diamond filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March and has a plan to continue broadcasting NBA, NHL, and MLB games.