Meta Bans AI-Generated Political Ads

  • Meta, the owner of Facebook, is prohibiting political campaigns and advertisers in regulated industries from using its new generative AI advertising products.

  • The decision aims to prevent the spread of election misinformation.

  • Meta’s advertising standards already prohibit ads with debunked content, but there were no specific rules on AI.

  • The company wants to understand potential risks and build safeguards for the use of generative AI in regulated industries.

  • Meta’s decision is significant in the industry as other tech companies have also launched generative AI ad products.

  • Google, for example, plans to block “political keywords” and require disclosures for election-related ads with synthetic content.

  • TikTok and Snap also have policies against political ads, with Snap using human review to fact-check them.

  • Meta’s generative AI tools will roll out globally to all advertisers by next year.