It’s interesting all direct to consumer brands are in the same spaces, mainly things young urban slightly trendy people buy. So we can now select from 300 direct to consumer socks or 200 reimagined jeans

Wonder why nobody makes direct to consumer kitchen appliances, how about a microwave without 28 unnecessary buttons.

What about a direct to consumer TV brand with good, better, best ranging and delightful onscreen menus and a lovely feeling remote control.

What about a washing machine with programs you actually understand and just far easier to use. With really good sales support ? What about vacuum called “iSuck” , or someone making the teasmaid cool .

The more stuff we buy online the more opportunities there are to disrupt categories we assume are hard.

These may seem like dumb ideas, they probably are, but I’m sure we can do better than the current tranche of complex decision architecture, ugly designs and inefficient route to market