How To Start Digital Marketing Agency in India

Digital marketing company are expanding in India. Do you realize that the digital marketing spending is expected to increase to $375 billion in 2021? The digital marketing industry is quickly expanding and is a an extremely competitive field. Because of the high attention to social media platforms the business is on the rise. It is the perfect time to begin a an agency for digital marketing in India. Prior to registering your digital marketing businesses, it is essential to know the basics of how to begin a Digital Marketing business. To ensure a successful business, you must be aware of registration requirements such as taxation, compliances, etc. So let’s start this exciting adventure of starting an online marketing company and we hope that you’ll be able to gain the most value from these blog posts.

Benefits for Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing companies are easy to begin in India. It is also great that you can begin your work from home, too. It’s all you have to do is keep a positive outlook and be consistent in your the work.
Easy to set up
Social Media is booming.
There is no fixed cost involved.
Upfront Payment From Client
Retainer ship projects generate rich cash flow
It’s called Lead generation.
Talented Resources are available

1. How Much Money Will Be Required to begin a an online marketing business in India

The investment required to launch a Digital Marketing Company can range anything from 1- Lac and up to 20 Lac. Appx. Cost/Money for starting a digital marketing firm based on the work scope office rent, interiors and marketing costs laptop expenses, etc. The cost to establish a digital marketing company in India can be split into two parts : first is fixed cost , and the second is operating cost. The cost of running digital marketing can vary between cities. Below is a list of costs to begin digital marketing.
Digital marketing infrastructure that includes the laptop, server
Wifi / Internet equipments
Tax , Fees etc.
Insurance of Shop & Employees
Advertising & Marketing Cost
Electricity . repair & Maintenance
The cost of a campaign is paid go to Google , Facebook etc.
Office Rental
Professional Fees

2. How to choose a location to define digital marketing

A digital marketing business does not require a large footfall area. It is easy to set up a digital marketing business is around 250-400 Sq Ft. Or, you can establish a company with your address at home and vice versa. This can significantly reduce the cost of renting and overhead costs. Today, India cities such as Pune , Mumbai , Bangalore , Delhi etc. have shared premises offices. A shared office space gives you the infrastructure you need to begin your business.

3. Create a Company Website

Digital marketing business operations are fully online, therefore to begin a your own digital marketing company, you must have an amazing websites to advertise your services. Website is where you can showcase your work, your services, previous work , customer reviews and more. Begin writing blog posts for your website to increase visitors to your website. It is possible to build a your own word press site using blogger. Create a website for your company that can assist in getting leads. Today, with the advent of social media, an having a presence online for your companies is crucial.

4. Apply for the Google Certification

To gain trust from new customers to ensure a an effective digital marketing business, submit an application for Google certification and become a Google partner.Google Partners is the Google’s partnership program for advertising agencies as well as digital marketing professionals as well as other consultants on the internet. As a Google partner, can help you gain more respect in the field of marketing, which can aid in closing sales leads.

5. Business Registration of Digital Marketing

In order to start a business in digital marketing in India you will need to establish a business. In India there are 4 popular legal entities that can be used to begin cloud-based business. Based on the ownership as well as compliance, VC investment, family company, tax rate etc. it is possible to select a business model.
Sole Proprietorship -
Partnership Firm - It’s Great Idea to have co-founders and you can just try the idea with the least Legal Cost.
LLP It’s A Real Company In India. More Than 90% Companies Are Registered In India As Private Limited Company.
Private Limited

6. Common Documents Needed To Start Digital Marketing in India

Common Legal documents for business the owner and its premises are needed for digital marketing to begin.
PAN Card of Owner Or Partners or director
Adhar Card , Voter ID or Driving License as Address Proof of Owner or Directors or partners
Rent Agreement / Index II
No Objection Certificate
The most recent Light Bill for the premises

7. Bank loan to begin digital marketing

To grow a business in the digital marketing, companies will need to invest in marketing campaigns, resources , overhead costs, laptops etc. It is possible to approach your banker to inquire about an MSME Loan. A Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME full form) loan is a credit facility offered in the form of business loans offered from financial institutions. MSME loan programs are mostly utilized to fulfill the capital requirements.
The interest rate depends on the the profile of the applicant as well as the business requirements
The minimum amount you can be able to borrow is Rs. 10,000 and Maximum is up to Rs. 1 crore, which can be exceeded the limit as per the business requirements
Repayment Tenure from 12 months to 5 years
Collateral is not needed for unsecured Business Loans

8. Legal Licences to Begin Digital marketing

  1. GST Registration

GST registration becomes obligatory for digital marketing companies in Indian the event that their sales exceed 20 Lac in the fiscal year. GST registration is a single procedure. With a GST license, you are able to issue GST invoices to your clients or take GST ITC credit.

2.Import Export Code

If a digital marketing companies wants to export its best digital marketing services outside from Indian the IEC registration is necessary. The registration code is issued through the Directorate General of Foreign Trade and is a certification which permits the business to import goods into India. It is a one-time registration, with a government fee of Rs.500per year.

9. Choose Accounting Software

When choosing a accounting software for your Digital Marketing company make sure that you are aware of your requirements and are aware of the features you should consider before you begin. India has a wide range of accounting software that is the needs of the market. You must ensure that the accounting software meets the requirements. For digital marketing, cloud accounting software like Zoho Books, Quickbooks etc. are pocket-friendly and feature packed. Accounting is the process of monitoring vital business processes, such as billing and invoicing as well as accounts receivable and payable reconciliation of bank accounts accounting, tax compliance, and even reporting.

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Sales invoices GST compliant
  • Tax Ready
  • Quick Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable