How to choose the online slot machine that suits you?

There are countless types of online slot machine games, from general game wheel mode to free game mode, as well as independent game bonuses or full game game bonuses. I believe that among so many slot machines, you will definitely find a slot machine that suits you best.

Online slot machine general game high multiplier bonus table
General games have high multiplier rewards, and the rewards you can get from entering free games are similar to those in general games. I believe many people will ask, what is the point of entering free games like this? ! This kind of reward mode will not bite the score too fast in the general game (unless the machine turns on the dead bite mode). In addition to the free spins in the free game, you will have a greater chance to obtain high multiplier rewards than the general game. This slot machine game is more suitable for players who like to play slowly.

Online slot machine free games with high multiplier bonus table
Only when you enter the free game can you get a chance to get a high-multiplier reward slot machine. In general games, you will not have the opportunity to get a high-multiplier reward. This kind of slot machine belongs to the good and the bad type. If you are unlucky and have been unable to enter the free game, you will feel Scores drop quickly, and it is more suitable for players who win or lose.

Online slot machine independent bonus system
Each online casino game will have its own independent jackpot for the game machine. For example, the Golden Lucky Casino slot machine has “Jumbo Prize” and “Jumbo Prize”. These two kinds of prize money are only available for specific slot machines. Gold Lucky Casino is the 2nd highest jackpot. The way to win is to enter the Bonus game and turn out 3 identical symbols at the same time or to meet the system requirements in the free game.

Online slot machine selection skills
Players can provide the historical winning records of machine games through the casino system for selection evaluation. Most casinos will display “Free Games”, “Main Game Awards” or other special game rewards. Because each casino system has different rules for setting points and spitting points, players still need to try it out first to feel the performance of the game machine. But in the general direction, as long as you don’t score machines, most of them will enter the bite mode. It is recommended that players do not “believe in evil” and try to win big prizes, because most of them are dead bites, even if they enter the free game. Get high multiplier rewards.
Players can also select from the historical records, and try the ones with “0” unopened revolutions just after the free game, because when the machine enters the spit mode, he will keep letting the player enter the free game or special bonus game. , about 30 to 50 revolutions can be tried, if it is not turned on, don’t love the stack, and immediately change the machine.

Online slot machine betting allocation
Each slot machine that enters a free game, a special game or wins the main game jackpot will be recorded in the history record, and each game enters a free game or special game with a different range of rotations. At this time, you can see the average from each game machine. What is the maximum number of spins to enter the free game, and how much is redistributed per bet. Assuming that the history of a slot machine shows that the maximum number of spins to enter the free game is 400, and your total number of game coins is 400,000, you can set each bet 1,000 to allow yourself to enter the free game within the maximum number of spins as much as possible. . Still don’t forget to change the game console if it’s not fun.

Never go head-to-head with online slot machines
The bad mentality of many players playing casino games is that when they don’t get high rewards, even when the game machine keeps biting wildly, and the number of unopened revolutions in the historical record is exaggeratedly high, they still stay on the original machine and continue to play. Most people’s mentality is It’s because Lao Tzu has accumulated so much, and he must be dug out before he is willing to give up, or if he doesn’t believe in evil and wants to see how many revs it takes to open, you must remember that you are playing with your own resources. Don’t underestimate the power of entering the dead bite mode, there are many people who have major problems in this link.

At last
Slot machine rewards can be divided into “normal games”, “free games”, “Bonus”, “independent bonuses”, and “full game bonuses”, and the places where high prizes appear are different, some can be obtained in normal games High multiplier rewards, some will only have high rewards in free games or Bonus. Among them, the most popular slot game platform is fun88. Provide a variety of slot machine games, cooperate with many slot machine game manufacturers such as PG, MGS, SG, CQ9, NET, BSG, PT, SW, these are the most popular manufacturers in Thailand. With over 900 online slot games, you can now find over 500 game variations on fun88 asia, from classic online slots, themed slots to progressive slots and more! Maybe you can try it. A fun88 aisa gaming games are licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), including First Cagayan. Don’t worry about the personal information safety! Professional fun88 mobile online gaming team handle system problems encountered in the game for all players. Including problems encountered in transactions 24 hours a day to make players feel more intimate.