How Marketing will change during/after Covid

I spent ages writing a piece about how Marketing will change during/after Covid for a trade mag . About 1500 words in and I realized it would be better as 200 words.

  1. Don’t try to be precise with tone.
    If I see one more ad that claims to know how I think, I’ll scream.
    The national mood doesn’t exist. It varies from one locality to another, from one day to another, from one household to another. Things are less equal than ever. and more unpredictably so. Trying to latch onto the Zeitgeist is impossible, aim to be a little more vague.

  2. Be agile.
    Things change fast (see above), the more you can control the creative after launch & the more you can change media plans, the better. Digital media is great for this, but remember digital media is TV, Podcasts, Out of Home, Radio, Magazines (but on the internet), in fact these should be the moments that dynamic placement and real-time ad creation really takeoff.

  3. Trust is more vital than ever.
    We were wrong modern companies don’t need to develop relationships with consumers or get rich data, they need to build brands.
    Brand building is the only proven way to succeed, it allows you to charge a premium, gain distribution, upsell, cross sell, create new products/ services, defend in a recession etc.