How do I get traffic to my new website?

Here I am going to share some digital marketing tactics :-

Be active in social media – content is king, but distribution is King Kong. Build a brand in social media as it is one of the best methods to boost traffic on your website.

Optimize your site in line with SEO – it gives you the chance to become more visible in Google’s search results. You can start with saturating your texts with chosen keywords.

Use link building – it drives traffic to your page directly as well as indirectly by improving your position in the search results.

Create valuable content and take care of UX on the website – valuable content will win over your current users’ trust and at the same time will attract the attention of new ones. Also, make sure that your content is diverse (video, podcasts, etc), as various formats have the great chance to attract a larger audience.

A poorly designed UX site will tire your users who will not have a mercy and will simply abandon your page (and probably never come back there again).

Get involved in industry forums – you can drive the traffic to your page via, for example, a link pasted in your footer. Being visible in industry forums will also help you…

…work on your personal branding and be visible at industry meetings – if your person becomes popular in the industry, in a natural way, you will attract new users to the website.

Bet on sponsored links , e.g. Google AdWords campaigns. They can increase your page’s traffic by up to several hundred percent.

Send a newsletter – you will drive a quality website traffic as it will come from personalized messages sent to your users.

Use push notifications – when a new content appears on the blog, a push notification appears in the user’s browser, encouraging him or her to visit the site.