Here at the top 5 things Apple just announced at its October launch event

  • A new MacBook Air that features a 13.3-inch Retina display with 4 million pixels and replaces the aluminum border around the display with a black bezel. The new MacBook Air is 17% less volume than its predecessor and includes cool, new features like Touch ID.
  • A new Mac Mini with up to 64 GB of memory (previously, 16 GB was the limit) and which is five times faster than before.
  • The new iPad Pro has an edge-to-edge, 11-inch LCD “Liquid Retina” display. It also says workloads on the new iPad Pro are now up to 90% faster, and graphics performance is 1,000 times faster.
  • The new Apple Pencil attaches to the iPad magnetically and charges wirelessly.
  • The new MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro are all made from 100% recycled aluminum, a new alloy creation made by Apple’s metallurgy team.