Google is set for second antitrust trial in two months as it faces off against Epic Games

  • Google is facing its second antitrust trial, this time regarding its Android Play Store.
  • The trial is against Epic Games and focuses on Google’s treatment of third-party mobile developers.
  • The outcome of the trial could impact how Google and Apple run their app stores.
  • An Epic victory could force Google to make changes to Android and potentially allow Epic’s store to be preinstalled on devices.
  • The trial stems from an incident in 2020 when Epic pushed updates to Fortnite that bypassed app stores for in-app purchases.
  • Google’s monopoly case with the DOJ is still ongoing, focusing on exclusive agreements and search engine positioning on smartphones.
  • A separate DOJ antitrust trial is scheduled for next year, focusing on Google’s online advertising business and potential divestitures.
  • Google allows sideloading, while Apple does not, but Epic plans to argue that Google still abuses its dominant market position.