Gmail SMTP settings

Here Are the Default Gmail SMTP Settings

  • Gmail SMTP server address:
  • Gmail SMTP username: Your full Gmail address (e.g.
  • Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail password
  • Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587
  • Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465
  • Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

Still Can’t Send Mail Through Gmail?

Some email applications use older, less secure technologies to log you into your email account, and Google will block these requests by default.

If you can’t send mail with your Gmail account for that reason, it’s unlikely that you’re entering the wrong SMTP settings. Instead, you’ll get a message related to the security of the email client.

To solve this, log in to your Google account through a web browser and enable access through less secure apps through this link.

If that is not the reason Gmail isn’t working in your email client, you may need to unlock it.