Elon Musk criticized Media Matters and large advertisers after brands paused ad spending on X

Musk announced that X Corp will be filing a lawsuit against Media Matters and others involved in the attack.

Media Matters published a report showing ads for mainstream brands on X running alongside pro-Nazi user posts.

Advertisers including Apple, Comcast/NBC Universal, Disney, IBM, Lions Gate, Paramount Global, and Warner Bros. Discovery halted their ad spending on X.

Musk promoted a paid, ad-free subscription version of X and criticized large advertisers as “oppressors.”

X spokesperson accused Media Matters of misrepresenting the user experience and deliberately curating posts to misinform advertisers.

Musk has faced criticism for promoting bigoted viewpoints on X.

Other social networks like Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok also grapple with brand safety and moderation of hateful content.