Digital Transformation Strategies

I firmly believe that all digital transformation strategies should be based on the idea that it’s easier to build than it is to change.

In fact every year building gets easier and easier. ( You can now launch a neobank for the same cost of an ad campaign)

Every year, change gets harder. Organizations get bigger, more complex, calcified, resistant to change. Billions are spent on Digital initiatives, innovation, hackathons, MVP’s, design sprint and little ever changes. They become external satelites of digital garnish and fun.

When people age, in order to be young you can seek cosmetic surgery. It’s painful, get’s immediate results, looks good, is quite cheap, but it never changes who you are and you just need to repeat it. You can get therapy, takes longer, doesn’t change how you look, is very hard and expensive. Or you can have kids.

Every company today should be asking what kids should they have and how do they support and nurture them, and not suffocate them.