Company culture

Many people think company culture is set by the best behavior you celebrate, but it’s really about the worst behavior you tolerate.

Somone once told me people are either Adders, Subtractors, Multipliers, or Dividers

Adders: are positive people who get the job done well,

Subtractors: are people who don’t add much and drag things out a bit.

Multipliers: are beyond adders, they do far more that most people as a single unit, but do amazing things to motivate others, to create an energy of positivity and make a disproportional difference.

Dividers are caustic people who destroy morale, don’t work well, they undermine progress, bad-mouth people, are vocal in their disapproval of decisions or directions, Or they behave in a way that undermines culture. They are toxic.

Be clear on what people in your team represent. This doesn’t mean Multipliers don’t speak out, don’t disagree, but it means their intentions are good.