Australian: Why virtual mailbox is much moer powerful than a PO box?

If you are a small fish in the ocean of businesses, Virtual Mailbox can help you be more visible and presentable. So, if you think of opening a PO box, please read this article first!

Why is virtual address powerful for your business?

  1. As opposed to a PO box, virtual mailbox offer you a real street address for you and your business.

You can register your business with your virtual address.

With a street address, your business would look much bigger and presentable. This allows you to instantly gain credibility to your suppliers and customers.

You can even rent multiple virtual addresses at different capital cities throughout Australia to create your business a nationwide presence! We are available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and more to come.

You can use your street address to promote your business on Google My Business and Google Map for FREE. This can be extremely cost-effective compared to promote your business via Google Ads.

If you have an online business, use the virtual address as your Return Address.

  1. More convenience for handling mail and parcels.

Centre manager will receive on your behalf from Australia Post and all other couriers such as DHL, FedEx, StarTrack and TNT. This is also FREE.

Not only will you get an email notification for your incoming item, but also a photo image of your incoming item, so you know exactly what to expect.

You may request us to scan your mails or forward your parcels anywhere anytime! (can even forward to your existing PO box address)

You will receive unlimited online storage for your scanned documents!

A free mobile app for you to manage your address, mails and parcels on the go!

  1. Privacy and flexibility.

If you work from home, a virtual address can help keep your home address private!

Unlike the PO box, virtual mailbox allows you to subscribe month by month!

Virtual mailbox service normally offers a discount if you subscribe for a longer-term.

The centre manager has a printing machine on-site, we are your office clerk.

G’day Mailbox with all these powerful benefits for your business for less than $1 a day! Search the location most convenient to you, we will see you on the other side of the dashboard!

Have a good day!