Ad.Plus Review - Premium Advertising Network

Ad.Plus claims to be one of the best ad networks out there, providing different monetization solutions to publishers.
They offer video and display ad formats and work on a CPM basis.
They claim to have about $2CPM for display and $8 for video on average across their network.

Has anyone worked with Ad.Plus? What do you think?

We’ve been working with AdPlus for both Display and Video ads specially Outstream video ad formats.

They are definitely a premium network. It took a few days to get all our sites approved but overall great experience. Their performance is much better than all other ad networks that we tried so far.
They are also a Google partner (through Google MCM program) and provide AdX and Open Bidding demands in addition to their direct demands.

Great experience so far!

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I’ve placed their sticky and interstitial units on my site a couple of months ago.
Interstitial is doing about $30 CPM for US traffic which is insane :slight_smile:

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Hey guys anyone still using it?

I’m running adplus on couple of my real estate sites.
Been using them for over a year now and no complain. They are google partner and their cpm is much better than adsense.

I started running their Sticky Anchor and Interstitial units this month.
Getting about $12 cpm from Interstitial which is crazy.

Hopefully it goes well :pray: