Online Shopping

Online shopping is basically really good when you know specifically what you want. If you want the Samsung UE32T4307, or the Beko MGI25332BG - you’re two clicks away from a wonderful product at the best price.

But the reality is that 99% of stuff we buy isn’t like that. Many items don’t have product names, many items we need a little help (and reassurance) in selection, and most items we buy based on discovery and browsing ( Shopping vs Buying )

I maintain that Amazon is the best logistics company the world has ever seen and one of the worst retailers. By stores around the world emulating their faults, we’ve ended up with awful online retail everywhere.

If we were rather unambitious we would make selection easier, we’d craft a more premium experience, we’d make things simpler, we’d have more imaginative ways to filter products.

But the real challenge and opportunity is how do we make buying fun, how do we make it something people would choose to spend time doing. Buying a TV or even a Fridge should be a thrill, buying some shoes should be something we do from boredom, but instead, the entire process is awful.

Amazed how little work I see done to change this, the Nike App is the only Shopping experience I’ve ever seen which is fun.