BMW is now selling an $890 electric scooter

That’s more than double the price of comparable models

Credit: BMW

After adding the full-size X7 sport utility vehicle this year, BMW AG is getting into a much tinier category—a 799 euro ($890) electric scooter similar to those offered by sharing services Bird Rides Inc. and LimeBike.

In keeping with BMW targeting premium customers, the scooter costs more than double the price of comparable models. It weighs just 9 kilograms (20 pounds), the company said Thursday.
The rollout of electric scooters, which took over American streets in the past few years, has been slow in Europe because of stricter regulation on motorized vehicles. Their use remains illegal in many places, with sharing offerings in London limited to a single closed-off park.

Germany this month passed a law to legalize the scooters on the nation’s streets, clearing the way for more of them to zoom around city centers. The BMW E-Scooter’s speed is limited to 20 kilometers (12 miles) an hour and was developed together with scooter developer Micro.

And for those too young for the e-scooter, BMW also announced a kid’s version for ages one to three—powered purely by toddler feet.

—Bloomberg News

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